Final Post of the Year 2016

So another year of fantastic art making has come to an end. We made many mugs and teapots, paintings and pointilist drawings. Self portraits and animal studies. With a little luck and a lot of effort, students have finished the year stronger in art than they began and will head into the summer looking at the world in a slightly different way.

To take us out, please enjoy a final project from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

Grade 6: Greek mugs– students were inspired my mythical beasts just in time for the Greek studies unit in Social Studies. The mugs were decorated in the classic “black on red” style of ancient Greece.


Grade 7: Pointillism– Students used food as their subject and then careful drew using only the stippling method to fill the page with tiny dots. They worked hard to use many colors to create a “visual blend”.  I think Georges Seurat would be impressed with the results.


Grade 8: 3D Fine Art– For the final art project of their middle school career, 8th graders found work in art history that called to them.  They examined the piece for how it used SPACE and then (in an incredibly short time period, I might add) actually made each layer and built the 2D image as a 3 dimensional relief sculpture!  Beautiful!


Until next year, GO ART!


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Illustrator and Art teacher in Maine.
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