Some Spring Color in Winter’s Darkest Days

6th and 7th graders have finished up lessons just as we ready for winter break.

7th graders worked long and hard on these charcoal self-portraits. Looking at facial proportions, then erasing the light, adding dark shadows, a day on hair, a day on background… all with a messy and sometimes frustrating material.  The results were worth the effort.


Meanwhile, 6th grade students were looking closely (VERY closely) at flowers. Inspired by American painter Georgia O’Keefe, the students zoomed waaaaaay in on flower photos until they created an interesting and somewhat mysterious composition. After a quick and very light pencil drawing they set to work with watercolor. The focus was on flow and blending to create images that, while based on flowers, became abstract images about shape and color. 


Thanks for following our work. See you in 2017!


About sadams77

Illustrator and Art teacher in Maine.
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