Visions of the other coast… oh, and food.

Seventh graders have just finished a ceramic mask project based on the artwork of the native tribes from the Pacific Northwest. The style in that region reflects the awesome power and liquid beauty of the coastline and ocean.  Students had to incorporate designs from the native tribal styles and use both additive and subtractive sculpture to create their 3D pieces.  They then glazed them with a limited (6 or fewer) palette.  Many north American animals are represented here. Can you find a moose?  A turtle? A bobcat?IMG_1870

The same classes have simultaneously completed small pointillist drawings of food.  Note how the collection of tiny, individual dots of color comes together in our vision to create a cohesive image with light and shadow.  The drawing takes patience but the results are delicate and beautiful.



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Illustrator and Art teacher in Maine.
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