Lots of work in the hallways

3 grades recently completed lessons in the art room.

6th grade students used leaves as their inspiration for these prints, starting first with observation drawings and then creating bolder, more graphic designs. These designs were transferred to rubber plates that were carved for printing. Many many prints were made and students saved their best results to hand in (and display here). Extra prints were gathered collectively on trees that now decorate the 6th grade hallway. Color and positive/negative space were key elements to this lesson.


After studying still life objects, 7th grade students transformed those objects into either creatures or vehicles in the spirit of Surrealism.  They then had to draw their new creations in a scene that used compositional elements such as relative size, overlapping, and depth.


8th graders were inspired by the grotesque drawings by Leonardo DaVinci as they sculpted these head planters. Then Farmer Justin joined us for a lesson on planting and pruning indoor greenery.


About sadams77

Illustrator and Art teacher in Maine.
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