Tons of New Art

As the winter rolls along students in Mr. Adams’ art classes have been working hard creating a new batch of beautiful, inspired art work.

Eighth graders completed a major lesson with many independent elements. They started by choosing a famous piece from art history which they felt showed a good example of the art elements Space. They then chose the appropriate materials to recreate the work and had to consider fore/middle/backgrounds.  Each “ground” was created separately and then the piece was built with foam bumpers off-setting the layers to create a three dimensional diorama effect. 


Seventh grade students harnessed their inner weirdness and in the spirit of the Surrealists, transformed everyday objects into bizarre creatures or fantastic vehicles.  These transformed creations were then put into well considered images with depth and composition.


And 6th grade students stretched their vision by trying to see themselves as Picasso might have.  They considered the Cubist concept of looking at things from multiple angles/perspectives at once and broke their faces into painted shapes. They then rebuilt themselves abstractly by piecing their faces together using bumpers to separate layers in a relief sculpture.  Take a peek at these wild portraits!




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Illustrator and Art teacher in Maine.
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