Form and Function

5th Graders and 6th graders in Mr. Adams’ art room have both wrapped up ceramic projects in the last week.  The fifth grade looked at the ups and downs of the global landscapes and created a mini-model of a natural space. The worked hard to create many textures in their landscape. After firing the models were painted with acrylic paint which really brought them to life.


Sixth grade was considering the delicacy of useful pottery, creating a small box to hold their biggest wishes. Students had to build their box, add feet and embossment, then design a simplified animal as a handle. The kids wrote a wish on a tiny scroll that was burned into the ceramic molecules in the kiln to add true magic to the piece. The final sculptures were then glazed and re-fired.


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Illustrator and Art teacher in Maine.
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1 Response to Form and Function

  1. Vicki Bove says:

    VERY cool assignment for the 6th gr. box! I really like all of the middle school lessons that were shared!

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