The Dungeon Gallery

What I expect from any work of art is that it surprises me.

– Jean Dubuffet

In art class we work hard to learn techniques that allow us to better express ourselves visually  with different with tools and materials.  We build a vocabulary to help us discuss our work and give voice to our ideas.  But it is impossible to assign a grade to the creative spirit that lies within every artist.

For the Dungeon Gallery, Mr. Adams and Mrs. Lovett have chosen work that they feel embodies this indefinable creative spirit.  The artwork featured here stands outside the bounds of assessment and restrictions of language and affects us on a deeply intuitive level.

The work on display, created by students from every grade level, has structure, unity, and composition that simply commands attention.  We can’t always explain why we like something, but the value of the work is not diminished.  We still know we like it.  It is just a gut feeling, that unexpected something, for which the only explanation necessary is “Wow.”

All artwork created at FMS has value.  As you enjoy this gallery please remember that there is no “right answer” in art.  Art does not always fit into neat boxes with defined edges.  What one person turns away from may be beautiful to another, but no matter what you find beautiful, try to imagine a world with no art at all… then take a second look.

Simon Adams & Meg Lovett


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